To promote Esthétiques and Cosmetology on an International basis
To unite members on an International and National level
To create recognised training centres at an international level around the world according to an IECAB training programme that leads to the IECAB Examination and IECAB Diploma


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International qualifications meet stringent international standards in many nations across the world. With international qualifications, the opportunities are much wider for working when travelling or living overseas. International examinations are also independently assessed and moderated, which ensures the examinations are fair, valid and consistent. You never know where you’ll be in 10 years’ time, so it’s best to ensure you’ve got international qualifications.



Successful applicants are required to gain at least 600 hours of salon, home salon experience before being awarded their IECAB Diploma.


INTERNATIONAL: Certificate applicants are required to gain at least 200 hours of salon, home salon or class practical experience before being awarded their IECAB International Certificate.

NATIONAL: Certificate 100 hours of salon, home salon or class practical experience is required before being awarded their IECAB National Certificate.

Students must undergo a course of at least 45 hours of training including self-study in practical and theoretical work in a registered IECAB School per module. Practical hours, either in class, salon and or home salon need to be completed and recorded before the exam.

National Hours 100 | International Hours 200

On completion of the course, students take the IECAB Examination which consists of:
A facial examination
A body examination
A nail examination
A written examination
A portfolio of evidence is a structured collection of evidence that reflects your efforts, progress and achievement in a specific learning area, and demonstrates your competence. You will be required to complete a Portfolio of Evidence for Practical assessment purposes. A portfolio is a collection of different types of evidence relating to the work being assessed. It can include a variety of work samples. It is to be presented before you write your theory and practical exams.

Please present your POE in a neat and clear manner, all work must be your own, no copy and paste is allowed, you can include photos, record cards and any information you would like assessed.

It must also include a written paper on the specific subject of learning.
For International a minimum of 2000 words
For National a minimum of 1000 words

The IECAB Certificate is awarded to students who have passed the IECAB examinations


Skin analysis
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting Eyebrow shaping
Deep cleansing
Facial massage
Mask treatment
Make-up, day, evening & bridal
Body analysis
Manual massage to show the five classical movements
Depilation – waxing with hot/hard and strip wax
Reflexology foot massage
Nail technology
Manicure & Pedicure
Nail Art
Natural Science
Anatomy and Physiology
The Skin
Cosmetic Science
Aesthetic Treatments
Business Studies
Professional expertise
Client care and interaction
Personal presentation